STF Technologies Pte Ltd customizes design and can transform customer's concept design to produce drawing and manufacture them as an end user
equipment. Production done by STF Technologies includes assembly, quality assurance, packaging and product testing.

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Cable Manufacturing

  • UV Printing

Contract Manufacturing

Our manufacturing capability includes precision machining and surface treatment processes. We are also able to assemble components for mechanical and electrical products according to client specification and send for testing on our client’s behalf.

Cable Manufacturing

STF offers high-mix low-volume production for encoder, interface and motor cables. We are able to efficiently manufacture to your cable specifications to high-quality standards.

UV Printing

We provide UV printing services for our clients’ logo branding, parts specification and labelling needs for their products. UV-cured ink is highly scratch resistant and can be used for printing on most surfaces in full colour.
We require customers to send in their vector-based artwork not exceeding A3 (29.7 x 42.0cm) size.